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Montebello Visitation Rights Lawyer

Fighting for Visitation Rights in Montebello

Divorce is hard on everyone. When children are involved, it can become much more difficult and trying. Beatriz Pelayo-Garcia is a Montebello divorce lawyer and Certified Family Law Specialist with extensive experience in dealing with these issues and helping families resolve important concerns at this difficult time. When children are part of a divorce proceeding, custody can be granted jointly, to both parents, or to one parent, with visitation rights given to the non-custodial parent. Our firm is committed to finding the best solutions for you and your children. We understand what you are going through; we will fight for you and the best interests of your children.

Visitation Rights

Study after study has shown that children are greatly affected by the involvement, or lack of it, of each parent. Accordingly, visitation rights are very important for the well-being of your child. At our firm, we recognize the importance of your active participation in your child's life and we will work hard to ensure your legal rights to visitation are granted and protected. It is an important right, not only for you, but for your child, grandchild or even step-child. Unfortunately, sometimes a custodial parent will lose sight of the child's best interests and, for whatever reasons, try to infringe on the visitation rights of the other parent. It is always best to seek the services of a family law attorney to ensure your visitation rights if you are going through a divorce; and, to protect your visitation rights if they are being threatened. No matter your particular circumstances, we can help you.

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