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Board Certified Family Law Specialist

Why hire a Board Certified Family Law Specialist?

The decisions you make in divorce and family law proceedings can affect you and your family for the rest of your lives. Why trust your situation to a less experienced lawyer when you can have a specialist certified in California family law?

The State Bar of California is charged with regulating the practice of law throughout our state. Thirty years ago it established a Board of Legal Specialization, mandated to distinguish and certify attorneys who demonstrate the highest standards of skill in their specialty field. Today, the California Board of Legal Specialization directly validates specialists in 11 areas of law. Only 1 in 200 California attorneys are certified specialists in their field.

Many attorneys practice family law, but few exhibit the professional excellence necessary to earn the title of Certified Family Law Specialist. Beatriz A. Pelayo-Garcia is one of the few who have achieved this distinction.

To maintain her status as a Certified Family Law Specialist, Ms. Pelayo-Garcia has passed a rigorous written examination exhibiting understanding and application of the California Family Code. She also continuously records and demonstrates a high level of experience in her specialty field and fulfills ongoing educational requirements to maintain her certification status. Further, she has been favorably evaluated by other attorneys and judges familiar with her work.

Board Certified Family Law Attorney in Montebello

When you hire a Board Certified Family Law Specialist you retain an attorney dedicated to attaining and maintaining the highest standards of legal knowledge and ability in the field. By continuing to uphold an advanced level of excellence in her field, Beatriz A. Pelayo-Garcia expresses devotion and duty to serve each of her clients to the best of her ability. For five years before beginning her own practice, Ms. Pelayo-Garcia was a Judicial Assist/Court Clerk for the Los Angeles Superior Court. This practical and intensive, hands-on experience with our local court system translates into better control and relationships within the system and a better outcome for your case.

A Family Law Specialist in California must also have significant knowledge and expertise in other areas of law associated with divorce, and other family-related legal issues. It is necessary to be well-versed in state and federal tax law, estate planning, bankruptcy law, social security law and state and federal securities law. Property division requires an understanding of the laws governing pension and investment plans. Child custody involves an understanding of child development and skills in predicting and handling the emotional impact of divorce on children. Our trusted legal team can provide you with the insightful and committed legal counsel you need in any family law and divorce issue.

Contact a Montebello divorce attorney today for the expertise and skill to see you successfully through all stages of the family law process to produce the best result for you and the entire family.

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